Subcontractor Prequalification Information

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Section 1

General Information

Contact Information

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Section 2

Health and Safety Performance




Hours Worked

Number of Fatalities

Number of Lost Time Injuries

Number of Medical Aids

Number of First Aids


Upload a copy of the company's current WSIB Clearance Certificate (required).

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Upload a copy of the most recent WISR (Workplace Injury Summary Report) (required).

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Is your company COR (Certificate of Recognition) certified? If yes, upload a copy of your certificate.

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Upload a copy of the company's current Health and Safety Policy Statement (required).

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Upload a copy of the company's Health and Safety Manual (if too large, upload Table of Contents).

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Section 3

Does your company have/do the following?

1. Health and Safety Orientation Program *
2. Return to Work/Modified Work Program *
3. Scheduled Safety Meetings *
4. Workplace Violence and Harassment Policy (must upload copy) *
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Note: Further documentation be requested at any time.

5. Accident/Incident Investigation Procedure *
6. Workplace Inspection Procedure *
7. Substance Abuse Policy (must upload copy) *
8. Does your company use subcontractors? *
9. Does your company have a quality system in place (i.e. ISO 9000)? *

Section 4

Have all employees received the following training?

1. Health and Safety Orientation *
2. Site/Specific Training (i.e. Working at Heights, Lock Out Tag Out, etc.) *
3. Trade Specific Certification (if applicable) *
4. Health and Safety Awareness Training (4 Step for Workers, 5 Step for Supervisors) *
5. WHMIS 2015 *
6. Workplace Violence and Harassment *
7. Are workers' training records maintained and copies kept by the company? *
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