Quality Control

ISO 9001:2008 Registered

At Triple Crown Enterprises Ltd. (“TCE”) quality is a core value of the organization, and frequently praised by our customers. In 2000, TCE earned the International Standardization Organization’s certification (ISO 9001:2000), and was re-certified (ISO 9001:2008) in 2014, demonstrating our dedication to continuous improvement and superior performance in all aspects of our business.

TCE systematically monitors its quality through customer feedback, regular management reviews, and an annual quality assessment to discuss potential adjustments to be made in its quality policy. We are committed to the ongoing improvement of TCE’s operations and services.

As an ISO-certified company, TCE can offer our clients many benefits, including:

  • Consistent job quality
  • Reliable documentation for activities, actions, issues and decisions
  • Customer and project communication methodology
  • Consistent structure to project and office record keeping
  • Customer expectations and feedback development and identification
  • Positive mindset for continuous improvement
  • Tracking and awareness of training needs, while providing employees and management opportunities for evaluating training benefits

Every project, no matter how large or small or complex, is treated with the same top-level commitment to quality.