What We Do

We have the ability to self-perform civil, structural and electrical installation and general construction works, as well as custom metal fabrication. Each of these groups also regularly act as sub-contractors to other general contractors.

TCE provides a full range of construction, maintenance and renovation services for the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional sectors, from small to large-scale projects.  The civil & electrical divisions are a core strength of TCE. It is staffed by experienced personnel who have earned a reputation for their ability to undertake and successfully complete complex projects in all sectors of the construction industry.
TCE has demonstrated experience constructing a wide variety of projects. Acting as both project managers and builders, our staff recognize and understand the specific requirements that define each project, and work consistently to maintain the project’s cost-effectiveness. We are known for providing clients with quality installations at very competitive prices.

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • Design/Build
  • Safety
  • Project & Construction Management

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Our civil group specializes in executing complicated foundations and concrete work in challenging environments.  We can work around operating facilities, during outages and shut-downs, and can perform complete maintenance turnarounds for industrial clients.  We also support institutional and commercial projects such as building repairs, retrofits, upgrades, and renovations.

Pre-Engineered Buildings

TCE designs, supplies and installs pre-engineered steel buildings, from simple storage spaces to full-sized industrial mill buildings. The simplicity and availability of pre-engineered buildings, combined with their low unit costs, provide an attractive option for many space requirements. TCE can complete such projects within a tight timeframe and at a very competitive price.

  • Supply & Install
  • Engineering Review
  • Modifications to Existing Buildings
  • Foundation Installation

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Design/Build Modular Buildings

TCE is a design-build manufacturer of modular buildings – an option for those situations when special purpose installations do not fit the parameters of a pre-engineered building application. The modular approach allows increased flexibility for housing equipment and instrumentation. We can build from the outside in, or from the inside out.

TCE has designed and constructed modular buildings in all sizes and for the most extremes of climate, usage and location. As well as providing manufacturing expertise, our construction personnel have extensive experience with the construction and erection of third-party modular structures. Our shop facilities can provide the client with an opportunity to review and test the designs and components prior to the start of the on-site installation.

  • Control Pulpits
  • Custom Pre-Wired Modular Consoles
  • Electrical Rooms for Process Automation
  • PLC Panel(s), Monitors & Electrical Devices

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Working in difficult environments under critical time constraints with delicate equipment takes great ability and a steady hand.  TCE electrical has maintained a solid reputation as being amongst the industry’s finest in the electrical contracting field.  From a small office renovation to the integration of major process equipment to plant wide distribution and lighting upgrades, TCE electrical has developed a solid core group of experienced staff able to tackle most electrical projects.


Industrial Communications

Successful companies require a high-performance network and communications system in order to stay competitive. To have effective communication in today’s market, companies must utilize all available communication methods: voice, facsimile, video and wireless. A properly installed integrated communications system can enhance a company’s planning and operating functions to ensure appropriate market positioning.

TCE offers complete cabling solutions for all networking and communication requirements. We can take a communications concept, develop it into a working network, and provide all the necessary support services: planning, engineering, construction, installation and commissioning. We have extensive experience in installing network access services such as T1, DSL and fibre optics for high-tech commercial ventures and heavy industrial applications in all market fields. Our in-house fabrication facility can build and test all the required enclosures. Our design team partners include engineers and technical experts in the fields of network communication and automation and control network systems.

TCE’s electrical construction group provides full technical support for all our installations. We can also offer support peripherals and equipment to supplement any monitoring or control application.

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PLC & Control Panels

TCE has the expertise to program, design and procure the hardware required to fabricate and wire electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Our qualified personnel can test, commission and install any PLC and/or control interface. The control panels are manufactured and designed in our fabrication facility. Our customers can make modifications and additional requests mid-project – a vital service that provides them with easy and cost-effective project options.

  • PLC Control Panels
  • AC & DC Drive Systems
  • Operator Interface Systems
  • On-site start up, commissioning and troubleshooting services
  • SCADA Control Systems
  • MCC Panels
  • Engineering

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Automated Systems

TCE works cooperatively with both vendors and clients in the supply and installation of automated systems and system upgrades. Our experienced staff can design-build to any requirements and specifications, and supply all relevant technical engineering documentation.

All manufactured systems comply with our in-house quality assurance program which is monitored by, and compliant with, ISO 9001 standards.

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Metal Fabrication

Our metal and iron work specialists have extensive experience designing, building, and erecting custom steel fabrications of all sizes and specifications. We work with a wide variety of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, abrasive resistant steel, and more. With our spacious, 37,000 square foot fabrication facility, entire projects can be completed in one location using our machines and equipment to cut, fit, weld, form, machine, assemble, and paint.

Custom Design/Build Equipment

TCE is able to provide clients with custom design solutions for all their manufacturing requirements. We have the skills, resources and the access to experienced design consultants, and can offer design-build construction services for a wide range of projects.

Our team of design-build specialists works closely with clients to ensure all their equipment needs are met. Clients have the opportunity to test and evaluate the equipment designs at either of our two fabrication facilities prior to installation.

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Custom Steel Fabrications

Our ISO 9001 certified fabrication facility will provide full service custom fabrications tailored to the needs of our clients.  From concept and engineering through to installation, TCE offers our clients a complete solution.  Our team of professionals include CWB certified welders, experienced construction crews, Professional Engineers, QA/QC personnel and project managers.  From all manners of custom steel fabricated structures to stairs, railings, metal buildings, mezzanines, platforms and safety guarding, no job is too small.

  • Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel Products
  • Structural Analysis
  • Institutional, Commercial and Industrial
  • Installation & Repairs
  • Design & Engineering

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  • Staircases
  • Machinery Bases

We are committed to maintaining a safe workplace for our staff, our sub-contractors, and our clients.  We promote the best practices of Environment, Health and Safety throughout project planning and execution with appropriate safety systems and ongoing training.

TCE has implemented the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Program. Currently TCE is an ISO 9001:2008 Registered Company. This quality control allows us to maintain a competitive edge offering accountable, consistent and reliable performance on our services.